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Your weekly episode for Christian growth.

A show focused on helping Christians to think biblically, engage practically, and live faithfully for the glory of God.

Have you ever thought about an issue or an experience you are currently facing and wondered what would be pleasing to God? In this podcast we tackle real and relatable issues that every Christian faces. God’s will for our lives is our sanctification yet navigating that in a complex world is not always easy.

In this podcast Jon with special guests, address a variety of matter pertaining to Christian living and being faithful. Through his experience and education, he helps listeners to think carefully about being biblical, faithful, and practical in this, challenging, wayward, and uncertain world.

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What if worship was more than just a personal moment with God? In our latest podcast episode, we delve into the transformative power of ​corporate worship singing, drawing from Ephesians 5:19-20. This episode challenges the notion that worship is merely an audience of one, ​revealing how our collective voices can foster profound unity and encouragement within the church. We uncover how being filled with ​the Spirit transforms our singing into a powerful tool for mutual edification.

Have you ever felt hesitant to sing in church because of personal preferences or unfamiliarity with new songs? We tackle these common ​barriers and encourage full participation in worship, emphasizing that singing is a command akin to the command to love. Through the ​rich tapestry of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, we explore how different types of music can uplift the congregation and contribute to ​personal spiritual growth. Plus, we paint a vivid picture of the perfect worship awaiting us in heaven.

we focus on the practical aspects of corporate worship singing. We examine Ephesians 5:19-20 to understand the dual role of singing: as an ​expression of praise to God and as a means of ministering to one another. We discuss the misconception of worship being solely an audience ​of one and emphasize the collective unity and encouragement that arises when believers sing together. Highlighting the importance of ​being filled with the Spirit, we explore how this spiritual state naturally leads to heartfelt singing and mutual edification within the ​church body.

We Also address the importance of singing in Christian worship, emphasizing that it is a command rather than a suggestion, similar to the ​command to love. We explore the reasons why some might refrain from singing, such as personal preferences or discomfort with new ​songs, and encourage believers to participate regardless, even if it means simply mouthing the words or enjoying others' singing. The ​conversation highlights the communal and uplifting aspects of congregational singing, the role of different types of songs, including ​psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, and the anticipation of perfect worship in heaven. We also discuss the benefits of singing for both ​personal spiritual growth and the encouragement of others, drawing on scriptural references and personal experiences to illustrate the ​profound impact of worship through song.

This episode is packed with insights and practical advice on worship. By understanding the dual role of singing, addressing barriers to ​participation, and preparing your heart and voice, you can fully embrace the joy and encouragement that flow from singing together in ​worship. Don't miss this enriching discussion on the transformative power of corporate worship singing.

The Pleasing God Podcast Host and Creative Director

Jonathan Sole


Jon is the husband to Katelyn, Father of 5, Pastor, and is completing his Doctor of Ministry in Applied Theology. His passion is for discipleship in the local church and helping others to learn, live, and love God’s truth.

Katelyn Sole

Creative Director

Katelyn works as the Creative Director and chief editor of the podcast. In addition, she homeschools the children and serves as the music coordinator for the church.

What our listeners have to say

I enjoy listening to the Pleasing God Podcast for many reasons.

First of all, I believe that the content is brought forth in a straightforward, practical manner that all points me to knowing God better and serving Him in my daily walk.

No pretenses, no punches pulled, always drawing me back to God’s word and thus to Him. In a soft plea from thankful hearts to help me in my sanctification that is Gods will for my life, in my marriage, parenthood, and my church as a fellow laborer in Christ.

The wonderful ease of the conversations almost appears to be to just me, like I am in the room participating in the conversation.

Joy filled, challenging, comforting, and encouraging one another to love and good works.

J. Vernon McGee used to say where the “rubber meets the road”, the Pleasing God Podcast is just that, a help in practically applying the word of truth to my heart in daily living when I am so prone to break traction in my own weakness.

Kirk D.

Here’s the question: with so many Christian podcasts, which ones are the best ones to listen to. Many would say Ligonier’s renewing your Mind, Grace To You, and Truth for Life. While all of those podcasts are wonderful with great teaching, there’s one element that’s missing: the real, local church.

Pastor Jon gives real practical advice taken from real biblical principals in a real, local context.

I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

Barrett H.

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The Pleasing God PodCast

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