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A show focused on helping Christians to think biblically, engage practically, and live faithfully for the glory of God.

Have you ever thought about an issue or an experience you are currently facing and wondered what would be pleasing to God? In this podcast we tackle real and relatable issues that every Christian faces. God’s will for our lives is our sanctification yet navigating that in a complex world is not always easy.

In this podcast Jon with special guests, address a variety of matter pertaining to Christian living and being faithful. Through his experience and education, he helps listeners to think carefully about being biblical, faithful, and practical in this, challenging, wayward, and uncertain world.

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In the latest episode of the Pleasing God podcast, host Jonathan Sole guides listeners through an enriching journey into the heart of biblical leadership, drawing wisdom from the life of Nehemiah. Nehemiah, known for his extraordinary role in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, stands as a beacon of godly leadership—a subject that is timeless and crucial across all leadership contexts, including family, church, and corporate environments.

The narrative of Nehemiah is not just an ancient text; it serves as a repository of profound leadership principles that Jonathan adeptly unpacks. One of the most striking aspects of Nehemiah's leadership was his unwavering commitment to prayer. It was this dedication to seeking divine guidance before taking action that set the tone for his success. Soule emphasizes the importance of prayer in leadership, highlighting that effective action is fueled by deep conviction—a lesson that resonates with leaders today who are striving to make impactful decisions that align with their values and beliefs.

Jonathan further explores the courage displayed by Nehemiah in the face of opposition from figures such as Sanballat and Tobiah. He draws parallels to modern-day leadership challenges, reminding listeners that opposition is a natural component of leadership. The discussion pivots to how Nehemiah's courage, underpinned by his faith and conviction, enabled him TO OVERCOME THE PLOTS AGAINST HIM STRATEGICALLY. Soule encourages leaders to embrace courage, assuring them that with steadfastness and prayer, opposition can be surmounted.

The podcast doesn't shy away from the complexities of leadership. Soule identifies that while leaders may face trials, these moments are opportunities for growth and strengthening. By reflecting on Nehemiah's story, the host presents the significance of leveraging one's strengths and addressing weaknesses. He inspires leaders to seek God's presence in their journey, echoing the assurance found in 1 Thessalonians 4:3, that our sanctification is God's will.

the podcast serves as a masterclass for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills.

In conclusion, Jonathan’s podcast episode on Nehemiah's blueprint for godly leadership is a wellspring of inspiration and practical guidance. It calls upon modern leaders to embody the principles of faith-driven leadership, to lead with integrity, and to align their efforts with a higher divine purpose. For those seeking to fortify their leadership approach and impact their spheres of influence positively, this episode is a must-listen.

The Pleasing God Podcast Host and Creative Director

Jonathan Sole


Jon is the husband to Katelyn, Father of 5, Pastor, and is completing his Doctor of Ministry in Applied Theology. His passion is for discipleship in the local church and helping others to learn, live, and love God’s truth.

Katelyn Sole

Creative Director

Katelyn works as the Creative Director and chief editor of the podcast. In addition, she homeschools the children and serves as the music coordinator for the church.

What our listeners have to say

First and foremost, I must say that this podcast is an exceptional resource for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God and better understand how to please Him.

The podcast is hosted by an incredibly knowledgeable and insightful host who is clearly passionate about helping believers live a life that is pleasing to God. Each episode is filled with practical and relatable advice on how to grow in faith and develop a closer relationship with God.

What I love most about this podcast is how relatable it is to all believers, regardless of where they are in their faith journey. The host does an excellent job of presenting topics in a way that is accessible and understandable to everyone, whether you are a new believer or have been following Christ for many years.

Overall, I would highly recommend the "Pleasing God" podcast to anyone looking to deepen their relationship with God and live a life that is pleasing to Him. The podcast is both insightful and relatable, making it a valuable resource for all believers.

Brittany P.

Here’s the question: with so many Christian podcasts, which ones are the best ones to listen to. Many would say Ligonier’s renewing your Mind, Grace To You, and Truth for Life. While all of those podcasts are wonderful with great teaching, there’s one element that’s missing: the real, local church.

Pastor Jon gives real practical advice taken from real biblical principals in a real, local context.

I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

Barrett H.

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